Library Needs Better Resources

To The Editor:

Gary Null, a long time national radio personality, did an 11-month, in-depth investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The six-hour report presented credible evidence as to who was responsible for this murder and the subsequent cover-up.

Missing the last segment, I went to the Queens Public Library (Central) to download the podcast from the Gary Null website. After several attempts resulting in error messages, I asked computer section employees for assistance. They checked the site, and informed me that QPL computer system does not permit downloading that.

On Nov. 26, I sent an e-mail and letter to QPL, CEO Thomas Galante requesting that the library allow access for saving this audio file. CEO Galante referred the matter to a technician who replied that it was a computer problem.

Last month, Black History Month, Mr. Null did a report on the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and once again, I found that this was also blocked by the QPL. I had to obtain the podcast from a senior center’s six year old. Windows XP computer.

Clearly, this library is failing its educational mission to low income, disadvantaged people of Queens who cannot afford the high cost for Internet service.

William Herbert,
Kew Gardens