Liberty Health Earns Gold Award

Liberty Health Advantage was recently named the sole New York City metro area recipient of the 2014 Senior Choice Gold Award. The company was honored for its Preferred Choice Medicare Advantage plan.

The Preferred Choice Medicare Advantage plan is one of just 40 Medicare plans nationally, and the only plan in the New York metro area, to be recognized with the Senior Choice Gold Award.

“With decreasing Medicare reimbursement and much uncertainty ahead in the field of healthcare, the baby boomer population is worried – and in many cases, struggling to make ends meet on fixed or limited incomes,” Kevin Grace, president and CEO of Liberty Health Advantage, said. “By providing a well-managed, cost-effective Medicare Advantage benefit plan that has notably lower out-of-pocket expenses, we can help our parents and grandparents to live healthier and with less stress.”

Liberty Health Advantage provides Medicare Advantage Plans to eligible individuals with Medicare Part A and B coverage who live in the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau County. The Liberty Health Advantage plans provide Medicare beneficiaries with all original Medicare benefits, including Part D prescription drug plus additional benefits not covered by Medicare.

The award announcement was made by HealthMetrix Research Inc., based on research conducted in more than 100 cities during October 2013.

HealthMetrix Research Inc is a national independent managed care research firm that has provided information on managed care organizations to a national audience since 1996. The CostShare Report is an independent analysis of Medicare plan cost-sharing available.

According to a press release, the selection process is based on the estimated 2014 cost-sharing comparisons, and the resulting effectiveness and value in the design of various medical and Part D prescription drug benefits for Medicare beneficiaries.