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  1. Lindsay

    Thank you for your support. Any new rail line in Queens is always welcome

  2. Walt Gekko

    This is exactly right. The Rockaway Beach Branch as subway (most likely connected to the Queens Boulevard line) is what is needed (most likely in this scenario as perhaps the (W) switched to the Queens Boulevard Line, running between Whitehall Street and Rockaway Park as part of a major series of changes overall). Such a line would do wonders.

  3. Spuds

    Even LNG/third rail equipped MU vehicles that are FRA certified fleets could be used to increase route flexibility if TriboroRX is ever implemented.

  4. Philip McManus

    Thank you to the Queens Tribune. The Queens Public Transit Committee is very grateful for your support for the QueensRail Corridor transportation plan. Queens was unfairly separated, divided and isolated by government power brokers and real estate developers who wanted to make south Queens a dumping ground for Manhattan’s poor and underserved. Queens has been waiting for 66 years to unite north and south Queens with the QueensRail. A 3.5 mile, inactive railway that is only 2 to 6 blocks east and parallel to Woodhaven Boulevard Zero Vision gridlock. Look at a map of the QueensRail Corridor. It’s obvious Manhattan Centric leaders wanted to divide north and south Queens. Now we have a bike trail group who wants the QueensWay Barrier for financial gains. The QueensWay Barrier plan is trying to continue to divide, separate and isolate the people of Queens and the region and stop the QueensRail Corridor Plan. We need to reactivate the QueensRail Corridor now. The QueensRail will unite the region with faster and safer transportation through Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. The train route travels from Queens beaches, Jamaica Bay, JFK Airport, Resorts World Casino/ Aqueduct Racetrack, Forest Park, numerous commercial corridors, residential communities and connects to numerous buses, subway lines, and the LIRR. Why does the inner borough (Manhattan) get $32 billion dollars in railway expansion and the outer boroughs get Vision Zero tickets, gridlock and poverty? A tale of two cities. Join the Queens Public Transit Committee at and our cause for expanding the transit system across the city including the QueensRail, Triboro RX and citywide bus, train and ferry services. We need more people to advocate for the QueensRail Corridor Plan. Help us unite and increase services for Queens and the region. Tell your elected leaders to promote the QueensRail Corridor Plan and not an exclusive, wasteful, empty bike trail only plan for a small elite group. What do you need everyday to improve your standard of living? Faster and safer transportation for all that brings people and opportunities together or a small exclusive bike trail only plan that creates a barrier and separates north and south Queens and the region. Please get involved and make a difference.

  5. Chris Devito rockway trainstation in. Queens. Is. The. Way. To. Go in. The. Summertime. The. Traffic. On. Woodhave . Through. Queens. Is. A. Very very big.night mare. Everyone. Is. Going. To the. Rockway beach. And. Everyone. Is. Going away. On. Vacation we. Need. The. Oldrockway tren line. To. Be. Restored. Because look. At. The. L.line. it. Needs.lots. of. Work. And. Lock. At. The. G.line. need lots of. Work. In. Queens. And. Rockway. Everyon . Is. The. Working. Classic people. And. It. Not. Fair. For. The. Old. People. To. Be. Trap. In. There. Houses.and. not. Go. Nowhere. And the. Yang kids. Getting out. Of. School. And. Don’t. Have. A. Job. They. Could take. The. Rockway line trains. To. The. City the. City. Need. To. Step up. And. Restore. The old rockway trainline there. No. Way about. And. You. Got. Everyone. Comeing. From. All. Different. Place. To. Live. In. The unstated of America. And. Don’t. Forget. People. Are growing. And. Comeing. To. American. So. W . Need. The. Rockway line trains. To. Be. Restored. It. Will. Help. Big. Time. And. Help. Everyone. Out. By. Restoreing. The. Rockway line train . Thank you

  6. Danny ruscillo

    Let’s move forward on the Rockaway line is the way to go. Enough with the park land transportation is the priority here. The queens rail will work for everyone. Danny ruscillo co-chair cb14 transportation committee Queens New York.

  7. Rick Horan

    Thanks for taking a stand for Queens residents who desperately need viable transportation options far more than another park. You would think that this would be common sense but apparently not given the many Queens politicians who DO NOT actively support it (M. Katz, J.Addabbo, E.Ulrich, J.Crowley, K.Koslowitz, A.Hevesy, etc.)

    The editor is exactly right, with 1,700+ parks in NYC do we really need another one that bad? Additionally and perhaps ironically, the proposed QueensWay runs right through Forest Park, one of the largest, 500+ acres, and most underutilized parks in the City.

    But even if another park were more important than improving transportation the Parks Dept. has proven to be a poor steward of public land. Way back in 2009 the Trust for Public Land spent $1.9 million dollars for property at Beach 88th St. and Jamaica Bay here in Rockaway for the development of a waterfront park. In the seven years since the City has failed to do anything with this valuable property and to this day it remains locked and overgrown with no projected opening date in sight.

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Queensway is not about a park but instead a blocking maneuver to prevent the rail line from ever being built. The people and organizations supporting this maneuver have been hosting community meetings. They are now moving ahead with plans to design and build a 1/2 mile stretch, which, if successful, would essentially kill the rest of the Right of Way. So, if you are for the reactivation of the railroad, now is the time to speak with your Community Boards and elected officials and let them know your feelings.

    The Queens Public Transit Committee ( has started a not-for-profit corporation called QueensRail Corporation whose sole purpose is to educate the public about this once in a generation opportunity to improve Queens public transportation and advocate for the construction of this critical missing link.

    We are confident that the MTA QueensRail feasibility study, commissioned by NYS Assemblyman Phil Goldfedder and due next June will prove that rebuilding the rail line will help the economic health and quality of life of Queens residents while improving property values for the homes and businesses along its route.

    All aboard!

    Rick Horan
    Executive Director

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