Lend A Helping Hand

To The Editor:

I believe homelessness is a problem. During the cold winters I have seen over three homeless groups wandering around. I am glad to see people giving them blankets but sad to see the homeless still shivering.

We can fix this problem by forcing the homeless people into shelters. If they refuse to budge, the City can give them a little condo or trailer to live in. Adults can do little things, too!

For example, about a week ago, my parents and I bought a cup of coffee for a group of two homeless people. They each got a cup. They were very grateful.

People may think the homeless people are useless, but they are people, too. They might also think “What’s the point of helping if I don’t get anything in return?” The truth is you do get something! You get a good feeling in your heart.

Next time you see a homeless person sitting by the street, stop to see if they need anything.


(Editor’s note: the letter writer is a fifth grade student at Holy Trinity School in Whitestone.)