Learn About Hydrofracking

To The Editor:

Hydraulic Fracturing (also known as Fracking) is a relatively new process of natural gas drilling and its raising eyebrows on weather its safe for our environment or not, especially the quality of our drinking water.

As we speak, New York is facing a huge debate of whether or not to allow fracking in the state and it can jeopardize millions of peoples cleaning in the process. Companies like Exxon Mobil are looking to make profit by exploiting these natural resources and taint water supplies. They have also been spending millions on advertisements to influence New Yorkers. Unfortunately, this process is dirtier than they like to admit. While the product, methane might burn cleaner than coal saying the technology is clean is a dirty lie. Huge amounts of water, sand and over 750 chemicals are then pumped underground to dissolve, stabilize and extract natural gas from shale deposits.

As students, we must educate ourselves about this process because it can affect our drinking water and the lives of millions thoughout the state. As Governor Cuomo begins to make a final decision about the issue, he needs to know New York Students are against Fracking. Please give him a call today: 1-800-566-5020 and say No Fracking Way.

Zulfiqar A. Soomro,
Queensborough Community College Student,