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  1. Philip Condon

    Improvements to our immediate area need to be implemented immediately but the the approved proposals are not enough. Community Board 9, The Kew Gardens Civic Association and a handful of local residents were informed and have participated in this approved proposal. In my opinion, this proposal and approval were not appropriately advertised to the community. If the CB9 and the KGCA reached out to more residents, I believe, that better ideas and suggestions would have been heard and integrated in to the proposal such as Mr. Moore’s ideas that are stated in this article.

  2. Randall Rensch

    I was not at the meeting, but a few notes re this report:
    1. The photo shows the intersection of Park Lane South/Onslow Pl with Park Lane/Beverly Rd (Not Grenfell).

    2. If cars would actually make a legal stop at stop signs, cycling in marked bike lanes would be much safer.

    3. A genuine thank-you to the city for several years ago removing the evergreens/branch that hid the stairs from view of drivers. However, the pedestrian warning sign is of dubious value, since there is not crosswalk visible, and it’s not clear which part of the intersection it applies to. A sign somehow indicating “hidden pedestrians,” at drivers’ eye level, might be better.

    4. Agreed that pedestrian/cyclist safety measures are needed at this intersection: There is no crosswalk marked (nor warning to cars turning southbound) at the base of the parks’ stairs. Also no curb cut at the other side of the island. Northbound traffic has no stop sign, and vehicles turning left off Park Lane South often cut the corner (not turning at more of a right-angle), which fails to reduce their speed, and endangers a cyclist waiting to turn left. (There is no safe path to even walk a bicycle across that intersection, except to wait for the light to change halfway up the block, then using crosswalks, which are unmarked. Otherwise, the cyclist must put his/her back to the oncoming traffic.)

    5. Since the repaving, the ramp next to the stairs at 80th Rd no longer meets the road surface (there is about a 6 inch difference). There is no ramp at the Park Lane curve, although that would not be a problem, except that a cyclist has to control the bike (dismounted, of course) on a slope while watching for traffic and rushing through a gap.

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