Just Call Him AARP Daddy

DSC_0077At this month’s Community Board 12 meeting, City Comptroller Scott Stringer may have shared a little too much with his constituents.

While discussing issues important to seniors, Stringer reassured those in attendance that he has the energy for the job by insinuating he has still the energy for something else…

“I am 53 years old and I have a two-year-old and I have a nine-month old. And I’m 53, that’s right,” he joked. “Now, I have the energy for this job, so when I turned 50, I got the AARP card.”

“You can call me AARP daddy,” he added. “It’s after the election, so I want to tell you this.”

Despite the crude nature of his joke, those in attendance seemed to enjoy his sense of humor.

His comments were followed by a healthy combination of laughter and applause.