Judge To Trump: ‘You’re Fired!’

Queens’ favorite businessman got a little of his own sass thrown back in his face during a trial down in Florida earlier this month.

Donald TrumpAccording to a report published in the Sun-Sentinel newspaper last week, Donald Trump was brought in as a  witness in a lawsuit over a land deal that went sour in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

As he testified during the trial, Trump twice borrowed the glasses from the Hon. Jeffrey Streitfeld, the presiding Circuit Court judge, to read documents. But Streitfeld managed to get one up on Trump.

As Trump finished testifying, Streitfeld dismissed the mogul in a familiar way.

“You’re fired,” the judge told Trump, eliciting a laugh from the Queens billionaire.  The judge followed it up with an apology.

“I had to,” the paper quoted the judge as saying.