John Haggerty Jr. Conviction Upheld

Staff Writer

The conviction of Queens political consultant John Haggerty Jr. was sustained this week in New York State’s highest court.

The State Court of Appeals decided in a 6-0 ruling to reject Haggerty’s argument to overturn his 2011 conviction of second-degree grand larceny and money laundering. He was found guilty of buying a house with nearly $1 million that was supposed to go to a ballot security initiative in the 2009 mayoral election.

Haggerty’s defense argued that prosecutors violated the best evidence rule. The defense had said that relying on witnesses to establish former mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ownership of a trust rather than admitting the trust documents went against this rule. The Court of Appeals ruled that the challenge lacked merit and the original conviction was reaffirmed.

In December 2011, the Republican consultant admitted his guilt at a sentencing hearing, though he was unable to avoid jail time. Justice Ronald Zweibel of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan sentenced Haggerty to one and a third to four years in state prison. Haggerty also had to pay a restitution of $750,000, the amount he was convicted of stealing.

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