Jen Silvers Named As New Flushing Y Director

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The Flushing YMCA has a new executive director.

Jen Silvers has taken charge of the Flushing branch of the YMCA.

Bringing 12 years of management and fundraising experience to the organization, Silvers said she looks to improve customer service and community outreach as part of the Y’s efforts to gain new members while keeping regulars satisfied.

Jen Silvers, seen here with her dogs Tucker (left) and Tully, recently became the new executive director for the Flushing YMCA.

Jen Silvers, seen here with her dogs Tucker (left) and Tully, recently became the new executive director for the Flushing

Silvers officially started on May 12 and has settled into her new role.

Originally from Florida, the new director said she had long wanted to make her way up to New York City.

“I’ve actually been trying to get to the New York YMCA for quite a while.

I wanted to work in the largest and best association for a while, so here I am,” she said.

“I’m looking to bring some new ideas that others haven’t done before and bring some positive changes to Flushing.”

One of Silvers’ top priorities is improving customer service at the Flushing Y, to make sure that its members have the best experience possible when dealing with the organization’s staff.

She said she wants to create the “ultimate member experience” for those Jen Silvers Named As New Flushing Y Director who walk through the branch’s doors.

“Some of the biggest things are with member experience and making sure that members are having the best experience in terms of customer service,” she said.

“A lot starts with our staff, making sure they’re receiving the proper training and understanding the members’ perspective.”

Besides improving customer service, Silvers said that upkeep is another significant challenge.

The Flushing Y is housed in an old building, meaning that it constantly has to keep an eye on its infrastructure, such as water pipes.

Although the outside is old, it does not mean the Y is behind the times.

“A lot of people from the outside, they see an old building.

What they don’t see on the inside is state-of-theart equipment, two swimming pools, a hotel,” she said.

“We’re trying to make this a place we can be proud of.”

A longtime runner, Silvers plans to take part in the New York City Marathon this year.

She had originally signed up to run in 2012, but the marathon was cancelled that year due to Superstorm Sandy.

Silvers added that she is adjusting well to New York so far.

“So far, so good. But ask me again in January! Summer time is a good time for a Floridian to move north,” she said.

At the moment, the Flushing Y has 3,600 units of membership, which equates to about 7,000 people.

It has 125 hotel rooms, high-end swimming and fitness facilities and dozens of classes for all age groups.

The YMCA also works to help its surrounding community.

“We provide services for folks who just emigrated from other countries.

We’re helping to get them acclimated, getting them green cards, jobs,” Silvers said.

“The YMCA is the largest charity in the United States.

We hope to be the community’s charity of choice.”

The Flushing YMCA is located at 138-46 Northern Blvd.

For information on all its services, call (718) 961-6880.

Reach Joe Marvilli at (718) 357-7400, Ext. 125,, or @JoeMarvilli.