Item To Remove Esposito Off CB9’s Agenda

Staff Writer

The controversy within Community Board 9 appears to be over for the time being.

The item debating whether or not to kick CB9 member Sam Esposito off the board will not be on the agenda for their monthly meeting, according to the agenda released by CB9.

The change comes after Jim Coccovillo, CB9’s Chairman, released a statement last month saying that the item would be on the agenda once again because he did not follow the board’s bylaws and did not allow for a discussion on Esposito’s possible dismissal before it was voted on.

Coccovillo said the overwhelming vote on the issue in last month’s meeting, 34 to 10 for keeping Esposito, was the main reason CB9’s executive board decided to drop the issue and move on.

He added that although the proper procedure was not followed, the board voted overwhelmingly to keep Esposito and they will move forward with that decision.

Esposito said the conflict is over and the board, including himself, will continue on as one unit.

“It’s a dead issue as far as we’re concerned,” he said. “I’m just glad it’s over and resolved and we can move on.”

The conflict within the board could come up again in March, when it is time to elect new executive members or reelect the incumbents, including chairman. Esposito said previously that many within CB9 would like to see a new person lead the board.

When asked if he will be able to work with Esposito in the coming months, Coccovillo said “I work with the entire board.”

District Manager Mary Ann Carey expressed similar sentiment for the issue being over.

“It’s positive that we move forward and put this behind us,” she said.

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