Into The Great Wide Open

DSC_0110He may be out of office, but he’s not out of the public eye just yet.

Last week, former Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. held a fundraiser at an Astoria bar, prompting many people to question what he was planning to run for.

While thanking supporters at the event, Vallone didn’t give any specifics about his future plans, telling those in attendance that the future was wide open.

So why hold the fundraiser?

A source close to the former Councilman said he held the “birthday fundraiser” – two months before his birthday – in order to clear off some debt from his recent Borough President campaign. He didn’t want to wait, the source said, because Vallone may be taking a job with Gov. Cuomo’s or Mayor de Blasio’s administrations.

Working for the government, the source said, he wouldn’t be able to hold a fundraiser.

Whatever Vallone ends up doing in the future, we hope he continues to be a presence on social media. Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t be the same without him there.