Into The Great Wide Open

As we celebrate Black History Month and honor legends who have fought for civil rights, Public Advocate Letitia James reminds us not to limit ourselves to just the month of February.

“I tend not to do Black History Month,” James said. “I tend not to celebrate it because I really don’t want to be limited to 28 days of the month. I celebrate the contributions of my African ancestry everyday of my life, 365 days.”

State Sen. Jose Peralta’s (D-East Elmhurst) annual African American Heritage Month celebration took place at the Langston Hughes Library on Feb. 6, where he honored significant individuals who are changing the face of the African American community and beyond.

It is there James spoke eloquently about the many tribulations the African American community has overcome to see equal rights today and reminded everyone of the amount of work there is left to do.

She said she uses this month only as a benchmark to see how much progress the African American community has made because the rest of the year is left to do more work.

“As we look into the horizon, I know I am the first African American woman who was elected Citywide, if I don’t do anything with this position, it will be nothing more than a historical footnote,” James said.

“You have given me this position to raise issues and to focus on those that have been ignored.”