Hypocrites On All Sides

To The Editor:

Allow me to rebut the statements by Joe Brooks, whose letters claiming some on the political right are hypocrites. He cited two examples of them taking welfare.

Joe, I have news for you. There are hypocrites on the left also. Liberal columnist Carl Rowan favored gun control and made some choice statements about gun owners and the NRA. Then an intruder entered his property, Rowan took out his gun and shot the perpetrator.

Bill and Hillary Clinton claimed to be for civil rights, and there were no two bigger race baiters. But they buy a home in Chappaqua, 99 percent white, and made some pretty nasty racial comments when Barack Obama overtook Hillary’s lead in the 2008 campaign. Those were comments which both of them would have loudly condemned had a Republican uttered them.

And don’t forget 1970, when residents of Forest Hills protested against a low income development. The same people who claimed to be liberal, are left-leaning in their politics, and went all over this country fighting to end segregation, were screaming when they had an opportunity to prove their beliefs. They didn’t want the development, created massive traffic jams and for a while stopped construction. Evidently they were only liberal when what they were advocating was in someone else’s back yard.

As far as your quote that a society is judged by how it cares for its poor, be advised that there is a difference between alms and welfare as a way of life. Nearly 47 percent of Americans are dependent upon government to some degree. I don’t think that’s quite what the charitable nor the founding fathers have or had in mind.

The only thing this has done is create a huge segment of voters dependent upon government, social programs and the gimme-gimme-gimme mentality. People who will vote strictly for the party who gives them something free. It not only works, but it keeps the Democratic Party in business.

So you see, Joe, it works both ways.

Edward Riecks,
Howard Beach