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  1. Mitchell Udowitch

    Wow – to say the least – this article is poorly written and poorly researched. Shame on Mike Nussbaum for allowing this to go to print!

  2. Linda Budarf

    Gee. Most of us haven’t thought of that incident from 1986 in 20 years. I think you’re the only one that “ties the town to racism.”

  3. JeanAnn

    Are you nuts!!!!! This town is NOT tied down to racism. Come walk the streets, come talk to the wonderful people who live here, come see the ethic groups that live in my neighborhood. What happened was inexcusable, sad, tragic, but 50 years from now, people like yourself, will still be bringing up the “event” as you called it..Seriously, an event!!! Are you kidding me!!! God Bless Us All

  4. Thomas Dowd

    The bridge was called the North Channel Bridge. The replacement is the Joe Addabbo Bridge. .

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