Hillcrest HS Sophomore Scores Big On First PSATs

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Though she only learned of the test the day before, Hillcrest High School sophomore Sanjana Conroy-Tripathi scored big on her first practice SAT. Out of a possible 800 points in each section, the star student scored a whopping 750 in critical reading, 670 in math and 700 in writing skills.

“I didn’t study for the PSAT. I went in cold,” Conroy-Tripathi said. “I never studied and didn’t even know I was taking it until the day before. It [the test results] really surprised me. I was thrilled.”

Hillcrest High School sophomore Sanjana Conroy-Tripathi scored an incredible 2120 on her first PSAT exam.  Photo by Bob Harris

Hillcrest High School sophomore Sanjana Conroy-Tripathi scored an incredible 2120 on her first PSAT exam. Photo by Bob Harris

While Conroy-Tripathi admits she was stunned by her test scores, her background as a consistent honor student sheds light as to why she scored so high on the PSATs.

“I usually have an average in the upper 90s and it’s really important for me that I do well in school,” she said. “[My motivation] is internally driven. I have been an over-achiever and a perfectionist since I was a little kid and sometimes it fights me, but most of the time, it’s helpful.”

Conroy-Tripathi also credits her mother, a professor at St. John’s University, for much of her academic success.
“My mom definitely helped. She started me off with phonics and stuff like that when I was pretty little and because of her, I just love to read and write,” she said.

When she is not studying or reading, Conroy-Tripathi enjoys a few extra curricular activities at Hillcrest High School.

“I do the knitting club and I’m teaching myself to crochet there,” she said. “I also edited part of the school newspaper this past issue. I’m hoping to coordinate with my associate director and the newspaper editor to see if I can be a freelance writer because I’m not actually in the journalism class.”

When she gets older, Conroy-Tripathi said she would like to be a writer. She hopes that her strong academic background will get her into a college with a good writing program.

“I want to be an author. I want to write poetry and novels,” she said. “Doing well in school will definitely help me get into a good college with a good writing program.”

She is exploring a few options and said she considering the Macaulay Honors program at CUNY and the creative writing program at New York University. She also said she is looking into the possibility of obtaining a scholarship to St. John’s University.

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