High School of Horrors?

When it comes to picking a high school for their kids, one location sits head and shoulders below the competition.

According to statistics by the Dept. of Education, August Martin High School in Springfield Gardens is the least popular in all of New York City. With the City’s open-enrollment system, students in middle school can apply to any location they want in the five boroughs. And the overwhelming majority have decided that anywhere is better than August Martin.

The DOE’s stats reveal that the amount of students looking to be enrolled at that school is so small that there are 774 seats open. It is unknown how many students will head to Austin Martin for the fall semester, but chances are high that it won’t come close to filling that number.

Of course, given the ‘F’ performance rating it received in 2013 and its reputation for violence, it should not come as a surprise.

We at QConf hope that August Martin can turn it around, but so far, the numbers are not in its favor.