Healthcare Tips From Union Medical

Summer can be a dangerous season.

Before you start collecting bee stings and bruises, knee scrapes and burns this summer, prepare for how you would address different injuries and ailments.

Urgent care facilities see patients who need immediate care, but are not facing the life- or limb-threatening conditions that require emergency room treatment. According to Ahuva Hirtz of Union Medical Urgent Care in Fresh Meadows, “the most common ailments we treat weekly include ear, nose and throat infections as well as allergic reactions, patients feeling flu-like symptoms, cuts, scrapes and treatment for falls.”

“Our goal is to see them quickly and get them back on their feet expeditiously,” Hirtz added.

Urgent care facilities accept walk-in patients and are equipped to address a wide range of illnesses and injuries, from the common cold to asthma attacks to pink eye, according to Hirtz. These centers also perform splinting, blood work and inoculations, among many other services.

As opposed to an emergency room, urgent care centers focus on diagnosis, and as such are equipped with x-ray machines and blood laboratories.

For surgical services and treatment of severe injuries – such as head trauma or heart attacks – call 911 or head straight to the closest emergency room.

For further information, see an infographic constructed by Scripps Health to help patients decide between urgent care and the emergency room. To view the infographic, visit

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