‘He Vill Break You’

While the final mayoral debate last week was a bit tamer than the previous two, it did feature some unique photo shopping by one of the campaigns.

deblasio_dragoAt one point during the final Bill de BlasioJoe Lhota mayoral debate last Wednesday, Lhota compared his battle with de Blasio to the fight between Rocky and Drago in the 1985 boxing movie, “Rocky IV. ”

Lhota compared himself to Drago, saying he was the underdog and he would win his “fight” against de Blasio just like Drago did in the film.

To complement the overly inventive analogy Lhota made, his social media team tweeted out a photo of de Blasio’s head photo shopped on Drago’s body with the caption “@deblasioNYC is DRAGO #NYC2013.”

Clearly, the two candidates look shockingly like those two fictional characters. How could we have missed this before with their tall, muscular figures and fully-colored hair?

The only thing missing is de Blasio speaking in a Russian accent and Lhota speaking in garbled English like Sylvester Stallone.

Here at QConf, though, we do wonder w®hy no one has ‘shopped de Blasio’s head onto the body of another larger-than-life figure – Andre the Giant.