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  1. Jane Doe

    I would think that it would not of been so easy to cancel this event if the right permits had been filed. Also I think the paper should of got more information about the condition of the gutted un-safe house prior to writing the story. If this event would of occured it would of been a major FIRE HAZZARD to our children and neighborhood. Thank God it was shut down, and accident just waiting to happen. And for the HBCOP involvment, I thought you were looking out for the neighborhoods saftey not out to help and friend make a buck…same on you HBCOP.

    1. We support HBCOP!!

      Hi Jane Doe,
      Since your statement is as fake as your name. You should have read the whole story before passing judgement on an innocent group like HBCOP. Thompson clearly stated they didn’t have a role in organizing this fundraiser, but was willing to place liability insurance on the house in case someone got injured during the fundraising event. After Thompson found out they couldn’t obtain the permit he withdrew his offer for the insurance.

  2. Sandy

    I don’t understand, Help me understand why a Fundraiser to help with repairs apply to your house. The car parked in your driveway was not damaged because of the high driveway, but you are claiming the damaged was on the first floor. It’s one thing to help a neighbor out and another to participate in a scheme to raise money so that you can buy new windows for your home, which by the way is on the third floor. I agree with Jane Doe, Your out to make a buck. Shame on you

  3. Jane Doe

    They didn’t even get water on their first floor…what makes them so special!

  4. Jane Doe

    HBCOP should stop posting crap on FB … don’t you think your showing these delinquent’s where the easy targets are?

    Howard Beach Civilian Observation Patrol Inc.
    October 26
    While on patrol in the Lindenwood area. We observes a front door unsecured and uncoupled in a 4 family building. We waited several minutes and decided to approach the building, since it was late and everything seemed okay but the unsecured door. We closed it and left our calling card on the door.

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