Hard Times Can Fall To Anyone

To The Editor:
In regards to the story, “Protests Clash Outside Pan Am Hearing” (Queens Tribune, July 3-9): Thank you, Ms. Strawbridge, for this article in your paper.

I have to say that I agree with the opinion page of the editor that said, “Show Some Compassion.”

People need to know that homelessness is not only a problem for the “homeless,” but for everyone!

Therefore, those individuals who are protesting against living quarters for the homeless should take that time and energy and help them to get back on their feet.

As a Christian, and further as a Mormon, I can’t turn my back against these unfortunate brothers and sisters.

Plus, this appears to be ironic to me! When the Pan Am Motel was being utilized for “other” activities, no one was protesting that much. Now that this facility wants to be used to shelter the homeless, everyone is coming out of the woodwork.

Remember that financial hard times can fall upon anyone! As a society, we really need to do better.

Jim Galloway,
Lefrak City