Government Lesson

Now that Bill de Blasio has been elected as New York City’s next mayor, one political commentator is calling for New York State to secede from the City.

Fox News Commentator Glenn Beck said last week that NY State should break away from New York City and become its own territory before it becomes “the next Detroit.”

During his radio show, Beck tried to make it through all of de Blasio’s victory speech before stopping it. He called de Blasio a “communist” and said New York City will go back to how it was before Rudy Giuliani was mayor.

“This guy is going to make your life a living hell,” he said last Wednesday. “…do yourself a favor, go do some research about what it was like to live in New York City before Rudy Giuliani.”

Perhaps Beck needs to take a rudimentary history or civics class, since it would be impossible for New York State to secede from the City – it can only work the other way around.

Here at QConf, we recommend our readers look to someone else for a civics lesson. Perhaps a nearby eighth grade student could give you better advice.