Gov. Cuomo Rushes Plane Noise Study

Staff Writer

For those in northeast Queens who have been hounded by frequent airplane noise, relief may be around the corner.

On Nov. 13, Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to do noise studies for both LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy Airports, and to create a community roundtable that would deal with noise issues and other problems with Federal Aviation Administration.

The move occurred in a roundabout way for Cuomo, as he actually vetoed the Part 150 bill that would have required the Port Authority to conduct a noise and land use compatibility study at all five of the airports under its control.

As the legislation deals with both states, the Governor chose to press forward on his own rather than waiting for New Jersey to enact similar legislation in its state government.

“I recognize that aircraft noise has been a concern for residents of Queens County and Nassau County,” Cuomo said in a memo about the veto. “Rather than wait for New Jersey to enact companion legislation that would require Part 150 studies at all Port Authority airports, I am vetoing this bill but directing the Port Authority to conduct noise studies that meet the requirements of Part 150 for LaGuardia and JFK airports and to establish a community roundtable for airport noise.”

Airplane noise has been a continuous issue in northeast Queens, especially after a new TNNIS climb flight pattern was establish, leading to planes flying at low altitudes over Flushing, Bayside and other eastern Queens neighborhoods. Community groups, such as Queens Quiet Skies, have been asking for noise studies and a roundtable for months. They saw Cuomo’s move as a victory.

“Queens Quiet Skies thanks Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his important action today on behalf of all Queens residents,” President Janet McEneaney said. “We now expect to begin working with the FAA and the Port Authority to establish a roundtable in the first half of 2014.”

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