Goldfeder: Monitor Advertising

After beachgoers on the Rockaways complained about what many consideredan inappropriate and anti-Semitic advertisement carried on the tail end of a plane, one Queens legislator is pushing for something to be done.

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (DHoward Beach) this week called on the City Dept. of Consumer Affairs to step up efforts to better monitor “sky media advertisements” that could be considered inappropriate and offensive for families and young children in Southern Queens.

“I have two young children at home and I do everything I can to protect them from vulgar and inappropriate material,”

Goldfeder said in a statement. “I strongly urge the NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs to make every effort to monitor the content of advertisements and ensure companies and organizations do not choose a location in our neighborhoods that is inappropriate for their products and message.”

The advertisement that got many up in arms depicted swastikas and expressed anti-Semitic sentiments.

Goldfeder argued that the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech does not extend to certain limitations, including obscenity, defamation and fighting words.

Those categories of speech have been noted in court as not being protected under the First Amendment.

Last year, Goldfeder sent a letter to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, reporting an incident when neighbors were outraged that a banner for SKEnergy drink, featuring a scantily-clad woman, was flown over the beaches during a little league softball game.

The Assemblyman noted that he was exploring State legislation to regulate inappropriate advertisements.

“We need to find the balance to allow our families to enjoy their neighborhoods while keeping the vulgar and offensive content of ads in check,” he said.