Getting National Attention

Earlier this month, Assemblyman William Scarborough made his first appearance on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central.

Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central

Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central

But the embattled Queens pol was not on the show as a guest – instead, he appeared as a punch line.

In the segment, entitled “Innocent Until…Who Are We Kidding?,” Stewart made fun of Scarborough’s recent legal troubles, poking fun of the Assemblyman’s not-so-great defense while being bombarded by reporters the day FBI raided his home and offices.

“Well, I mean, they only gave me a very small sample of what they thought represented this. And based on that small sample, I think it’s very refutable,” Scarborough said in the news clip.

“Because, there is so much that I have done,” Stewart sarcastically said after he played the clip. “That they didn’t mention the actual scale of my crimes and all of it, really, irrefutable. Did you know I have a lair?”