Get Involved With Civics

To The Editor:

I think that most of us are aware of our elected officials and the job that they do on behalf of our communities. But we should also recognize the contribution that our community boards and civic associations make in affecting conditions in our neighborhoods.

As a member of Community Board 11, I work alongside 49 other volunteers who operate in an advisory capacity when it comes to matters such as zoning issues, variances and other land use applications. We also have several committees which work on education, transportation, environmental, parks, and health issues, among other important community matters. Sometimes we address city-wide issues as well. Board members may not always agree with one another, but I believe that we all respect each other and focus on our commitment to our communities. We are lucky to have a phenomenal office staff headed up by District Manager Susan Seinfeld.

At our March meeting, we had a change in leadership due to term limits. Jerry Iannece, who was our Chairman for many years, did an outstanding job in conducting our monthly meetings and representing the Board at various meetings and functions. Our new leaders include Chairperson Christine Haider and Vice Chairs Laura James, Ocelia Claro and Eileen Miller. I look forward to working with our new dynamic team of leaders.

I would urge all residents to join their local civic group and participate in meetings and discussions. If possible, attend monthly community board meetings, especially if there are issues on the agenda concerning your area. Board members want to hear the concerns from the community. It helps us decide how to vote on the various issues that come before the Board. You may also consider joining the Board. We particularly need more representation from the Auburndale community at the present time.

We are lucky to live in a wonderful area. Yes, there are problems, especially, in my opinion, with overdevelopment and education matters. But if we all work together, we can make a difference.

Henry Euler,