Funding Approved For Botanical Garden Upgrades

Staff Writer

Improvements will soon be underway for Queens Botanical Garden.

On Oct. 30, Borough President Helen Marshall announced that the City’s Office of Management and Budget had approved a $3.15 million funding allocation to pay for upgrades to the Garden’s pathway system.

The improved pathways in the 39-acre site will have sufficient load-bearing capacity for maintenance vehicles, equipment and foot traffic. The aesthetics and surface drainage conditions at the site will be getting a notable enhancement as well.

The upgrades will also help take care of plants on the Garden’s grounds. An automatic irrigation system will be installed, feeding water from an existing well onto the northeastern end of the Garden.

In addition, the College Point Boulevard entrance will be revamped with a gathering plaza for school groups and tours.
“The pathways are a clear part of the garden but they were but in the early 60s. It’s the ribbon that ties together the whole garden and it’ll be up to the same quality level as the building,” a garden representative said. “Every garden is a living thing and it keeps changing. They’ll be more to come.”

Construction will begin this spring and will last about two years. It will be done piecemeal so the Garden can be kept open.

In addition to the $3.15 million from Marshall’s office, the City Council will provide $1.16 million and the Mayor’s office will give $657,000.

“The Queens Botanical Garden is an oasis of natural beauty and a beloved Queens institution that offers its visitors views of inspiring gardens along with innovative educational programs and compelling demonstrations of environmental stewardship,” Marshall said.

A separate allocation from Marshall of $114,764 for the design of a geothermal well at the Garden’s Visitor Center was also approved by the OMB.

The Garden is located at 43-50 Main St., Flushing.

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