Fresh Approach Needed

It has been a common problem for straphangers that rely on the 7 train to get around the Borough to have problems travelling this time of year. Track repairs and upgrades have historically disrupted weekend commutes for millions of residents, and many businesses that rely on the 7 train to bring them customers feel a financial burden.

This year, the MTA has announced that the 7 train would experience disruptions for 22 weekends starting at the end of February, adding up to about half the year where the train would not be running at full power.

The MTA has, in years past, promised that these disruptions would ease as time went on, but time does not seem to be on the agency’s side. While subway riders have options when other lines are shut down for repairs, there are precious few options when the 7 train goes down. Because the City has frequently ignored the public transportation needs for Queens, its residents and its business owners are hurt too often by ill-advised plans.

This is one of the most important ways that Mayor Bill de Blasio can prove his worth as an outer-borough Mayor. Work with our elected officials who represent areas along the 7 train to develop a plan that will allow for these repairs without damaging these small businesses.