Former CB9 Chair Attacks DM Carey

Staff Writer

Former Community Board 9 Chairperson Jim Coccovillo had some parting shots for District Manager Mary Ann Carey before leaving the position.

In a letter written to CB9 dated March 25, obtained by the Queens Tribune, Coccovillo had several negative comments about the long-time District Manager, with whom he worked while he was Chairman.

Coccovillo described Carey’s conduct as “inappropriate” and “unprofessional,” making internal CB9 matters public as a protest against decisions of which she did not approve.

The letter refers to a decision CB9’s executive board made last year to put Carey on a six-month probation period after a motion was made to remove her from the District Manager position.

Coccovillo also mentions in the letter an accusation Carey made during a CB9 meeting earlier this year that Coccovillo harassed her and other CB9 office members. He describes the accusation as “alarming” and without merit.

“This in itself raises a deep concern about her judgment in holding the position of District Manager that holds a very high level of liability for CB9 and the Borough Presidents Office,” Coccovillo wrote.

He also wrote that Carey’s behavior and conduct “has not sustained the level of professionalism and confidence” that allows the board members to put their full trust in her.

According to Coccovillo, Carey agreed to provide a weekly report to the chairperson and the reports “have not been supplied in an acceptable manner.”

Coccovillo was CB9 chairperson for one year. His time leading the board was marred in controversy and conflict, including the aforementioned motion asking to dismiss Carey as well as another motion asking to remove CB9 member Sam Esposito for alleged anti-Semitic comments he made towards other board members.

The letter Coccovillo was intended to be placed in Carey’s personal file; a copy was faxed to the Queens Tribune on Tuesday afternoon.

Carey signed that she received the letter and wrote a paragraph disagreeing with Coccovillo’s sentiments.
“I do not agree with the statements made on the reverse side,” she wrote.

When reached by phone, she added that the letter was not intended for public consumption and that she had no further comment.

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