Forest Park Frolics

A Saturday Night Live short that aired last weekend featured a familiar Queens park.

479px-Lena_Dunham_TFF_2012_Shankbone_3The scene, called “Ooh Child,” featured SNL cast members and guest host Lena Dunham (pictured), star of HBO’s “Girls,” driving through Forest Park and parts of Woodhaven singing along to the 1970s song “O-o-h Child” by the Five Stairsteps.

The group is singing the tune when the GPS leads them astray. Scenes of Woodhaven and Forest Park can be seen as the crew drives around in the three-minute video.

A fifth person appears out of nowhere in the car with his hands tied and his mouth taped shut. The others tell him to quiet down as they try to restart the sing along.

It’s always terrific to see Queens featured in any type of film. While Forest Park does not get mentioned among other popular parks in the Borough, namely Flushing Meadows Corona Park, production companies should use Forest Park more often as there is a lot of untapped potential for films there.