Forest Park Carousel

Staff Writer

One sure way to go out and enjoy all that Queens has to offer this summer is to visit the Forest Park Carousel, a landmark designation in New York City that is not only rich with history, but also rich with fun.

The carousel, nestled within 544 acres of Forest Park, was carved in 1903 by Daniel Muller. It currently stands as a work of beautiful art, serving as a staple in the park, as well as in the Borough since the 1970s.

After being closed for a couple of years, the Forest Park Carousel reopened for its third season in April of last year. It is currently being operated by New York Carousel.

According to Ami Abramson, the head of New York Carousel, in 2013, close to 30,000 people rode the carousel, compared to 25,000 people that got on the merry-go-round the first year it opened.

In an earlier interview with the Queens Tribune, Abramson credited the carousel’s landmark status to increased ridership.

“We seen a tremendous amount of repeat customers, as well as new people,” he said.

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