Forest Park Carousel Reopens

Staff Writer

The Forest Park Carousel is reopening for its third season since being taken over by its current operator, New York Carousel.

Ami Abramson, the head of the company that operates the carousel in Forest Park and in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, said it has been a successful two years so far, with more people visiting the carousel as it gains more attention.

According to Abramson, about 30,000 people rode the carousel this past season, compared to about the 25,000 that got on the merry-go-round the first year it reopened.

Abramson said the increased ridership was due to accolades becoming a landmark, and the continued promotion of the ride including its events they would host during the summer.

“We see a tremendous amount of repeat customers as well as new people,” he said.

Although there will be no new additions to the carousel this season, there are plans to add new rides next year.

According to Abramson, they have gotten approval from the Parks Dept. to add two new rides to the Carousel next year.

It is unknown what rides will built at the site, likely rides that cater to younger children and families, Abramson said, but they expect to know that for sure later this year.

Abramson said the plans for the new rides should be finalized by fall 2014 and it will be ready for next season in fall 2015.

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