Forest Hills Man Will Fight for Charity

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A Forest Hills businessman will soon trade punches to benefit charity.

Steven East, the president and CEO of Caring People, a home healthcare agency that has offices in Forest Hills and Long Island, will participate in a boxing match on Nov. 25. East will face Scott Zuckerman, a Long Island native.

Steven East (left) will face scott Zuckerman in a boxing match for charity later this month.

Steven East (left) will face scott Zuckerman in a boxing match for charity later this month.

The fight will take place at the Long Island Fight for Charity, a charity organization networking event aimed at raising money for charities in New York.

The charities that will receive the money raised at this event are the Long Island Community Chest, the Genesis School and the National Foundation for Human Potential. All are charities that focus on job training for people that need it and giving them more knowledge and skills to go into the workforce.

This will be the first time East has squared off against someone in a boxing match. According to East, he started boxing over one year ago as a way to get exercise and now it has grown into a hobby of his.

East said he has spent the last eight months training for the match and, although the fight is to ultimately benefit the three charities, he feels calm about the match even though it will be competitive.

“I’m assuming I’m going to want to win,” he joked. “These guys are taking a lot of time to train so I assume that’s the goal.”

East said he was approached earlier this year to do the event and could not pass up the opportunity to help out those charities he says are heavily involved in their communities.

His company is very much established in Queens, the 37-year-old said.

Caring People originally started in Flushing and is now based in Forest Hills in addition to its other offices on Long Island. East said their main hub is in the Borough and it is very much apart of their identity.

In addition to the monetary gain the charities will get from the event, it will raise awareness to what they do. Before being asked to do the charity, he did not know about those companies and what they do to help people.

“I started to hear more and more success stories,” East said. “It gives more meaning to the event.”

The match itself will be three rounds with protective headgear to lessen the chance of a potential injury. For tickets and more information about the event, call (877) 240-7821 or log on to

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