Flushing Hospital Gets New Equipment

Staff Writer

New equipment at Flushing Hospital’s Advanced Imaging Center will increase efficiency for its patients.

The hospital recently added a 3T MRI Scanner and a Siemans Flash CT Split Second Scanner to its ranks. Both pieces of advanced technology promise top-of-the-line exams that are faster, more accurate and more convenient for the patients and the physicians.

The 3T MRI Scanner contains Total Imaging Matrix integrated coil technology, allowing for more detailed image quality. The scanner covers the whole body, meaning that the patient does not have to be repositioned, and it takes half the time of a regular MRI. The scanner also has an Open Bore design, rather than the closed cylinder, letting it take care of individuals of all sizes, as well as those uncomfortable in small spaces.

“Traditional MRIs are almost like a tunnel. For some people who feel claustrophobic, it’s very difficult,” Michael Hinck, director of public affairs, said. “With an Open Bore design, there’s no sense of that claustrophobia or closed-in feeling. It puts them at ease.”

Flushing Hospital received the top-of-the-line MRI Scanner about six months ago.

The other new piece of equipment, the Flash CT Scanner, uses Dual Source technology for a near-instantaneous scan. Patients will no longer have to worry about holding their breath or staying still.

“It is much, much faster than our regular scanners. A cat scan of the chest, for example, will take .6 seconds, even before a patient has time to breathe,” Dr. Sabiha Raoof, chairperson of the Dept. of Radiology at the hospital, said. “We are quite confident that we’re going to be providing top-of-the-line service for our patients.”

The new scanner also uses the lowest amount of radiation possible, improving patient safety while still providing a high-quality image. The CT scanner was installed four months ago, making Flushing Hospital the only one in Queens with this equipment.

These two improvements come in the midst of other recent upgrades at Flushing Hospital, including a new ambulatory care unit and a new hospice unit.

Executive Vice President and COO Robert Levine added that the equipment is the next step in the hospital’s efforts to fulfill its mission of service and care to the neighborhood.

“We have a mission going back a long time to take care of the community,” he said. “All of these services further expand the mission of the hospital.”

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