Finkelpearl Named Cultural Affairs Commish

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Mayor Bill de Blasio has added Tom Finkelpearl’s name to the list of open commissioner positions he is filling.

On April 7, the Mayor announced the appointment of Finkelpearl as the City’s new Commissioner of the Dept. of Cultural Affairs. Finkelpearl is the executive director of the Queens Museum, the same location where de Blasio made his declaration.

Tom Finkelpearl, the new Cultural Affairs Commissioner

Tom Finkelpearl, the new Cultural Affairs Commissioner

“With Tom at the helm of DCLA, I’m confident that New York City will not only continue to thrive as a global cultural hub, but also make the arts more accessible to New Yorkers in every neighborhood,” de Blasio said.

Finkelpearl joined the Queens Museum as its executive director in 2002. Recently, he oversaw a major expansion of the space after the ice rink moved to another location in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

“Our work is part of what distinguishes New York City as a cultural epicenter and I look forward to working to fortify the already diverse offerings of the City’s arts and cultural life,” Finkelpearl said.

While Finkelpearl acknowledged that the City’s cultural scene is great for its economy, he added that the social value of the City’s art has been under-explored, a situation he said he plans to fix.

“What happens on the community level with artists in all the neighborhoods of New York City, there’s something extremely valuable, moving, that’s good for communities. And I intend to try to understand how we can best express that value,” he said.

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