‘Fight The Blight’ Against Inappropriate Housing

FBE STandaloneAt a recent Mid-Queens Community Council meeting, was introduced. The email’s purpose is to give citizens a chance to identify the addresses of inappropriate, out-of-character recent home construction in their neighborhoods. These houses would then be forwarded to the City Planning Commission.

Councilman Peter Koo’s (D-Flushing) chief-of-staff, Jonathan Chung, is leading the effort at City Planning. According to Don Capalbi, president of the Queensborough Hill Civic Association, out-of-context construction in row houses are among the worst examples in Queens.

“Even if the only thing we have is the one reported example, it is enough to cause great concern because under current zoning laws, something like that can pop up again in the neighborhood soon since the ‘cat’s out the bag,’” Chung said.

Koo’s office has yet to get a response from the City Planning Commission.