FH Chamber Hoping To Save Jazz Concerts

Staff Writer

The Forest Hills Chamber wants Jazz Thursdays to go on.

In order to keep the sounds of the smooth bass line ringing throughout Austin Street, the Chamber is asking the public for a little monetary assistance.

The organization has started an online campaign to help fund the popular concert series, which is typically held twice every year.

The Chamber’s director, Leslie Brown, said the concerts are “super expensive” to put on and they are looking to raise money to put on concerts in the future as well as an additional one this year. The concerts cost about $8,000 per show, according to Brown.

She said some companies that normally help fund the concerts have pulled their money out of the pool, leaving them shorthanded for funding.

Brown said the jazz concerts bring many people to the area and she is often asked by residents to put on even more shows.

“‘We want more!’ is pretty much what the audience has been telling me,” she said. “It brings everyone together. It means so much to the community.”

The Chamber has launched an online campaign, similar to a Kickstarter, to collect money for the concert.

As of press time, they have raised only $512 dollars with about a week remaining in the campaign.

The two scheduled shows, both set for next month, will still go on as planned, Brown said, but they will not be able to host a third show and its future after that would be uncertain.

To donate, go to–2.

Reach Luis Gronda at (718) 357-7400, Ext. 127,, or @luisgronda.