Fed Up With Status Quo

To The Editor:

In the May 22-28 issue was a letter from Robert LaRosa questioning why people vote Republican and why the GOP is predicted to make gains this year.

Robert, you ought to know that in time, most Americans get fed up with the status quo. When Republicans dominate, after a while people vote them out and turn towards the Democrats. And when Democrats have been in charge, after a while people become dissatisfied and vote Republican.

Polls show the major reason why citizens  plan to vote for the GOP is dissatisfaction with Obamacare. Both the President and Congress passed the bill, despite opposition from a majority of Americans, not reading the entire bill and exempting themselves from coverage. I think those are sufficient reasons for disapproval.

Since implementation, the registration website was disorganized, people have lost coverage, employers have had to dismiss workers to pay for it, premiums have increased and reports of illegal aliens getting benefits are rampant. Seems like the public has justification for rejection of the bill.

Right here in Queens, I know of three employers who let workers go specifically due to Obamacare.

In short, Americans felt President Obama and Congress, primarily Democrats, violated the will of the people in passing the bill. Except for hard core Democrats and those far to the left of center, many have objectively placed the blame on the President and his party.

Robert, I have been reading your letters for many years. You are not just angry, but harsh and invective in your tone. Anger will get you nowhere. I am a Republican, but in the past have condemned some of them for the same.

You will get further with honey than vinegar. And also with facts. I don’t agree with other letter writers who are Democrats either, such as Anthony Pilla. But Anthony backs up his statements with facts, statistics and speaks courteously.

Edward Riecks,
Howard Beach