Extra! Extra!

Nowadays, newspapers will do anything to slap that ‘exclusive’ sticker on their stories…even if it’s an “exclusive” review of someone else’s story.

nydailynewsLast week, the cover of the New York Daily News claimed they got an exclusive scoop on a few comments outgoing NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly made about Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio.

The Daily News reported that in an interview, Kelly said de Blasio is “full of s***”  and accused him and his fellow Democratic mayoral hopefuls of “pandering for votes this fall by attacking the NYPD’s stop and frisk tactic.”

No doubt – this would have made for a great exclusive story. But the News’ source? Playboy magazine…

We over here at QConf wonder how reporting on another publication’s report could ever be exclusive. It probably didn’t help that New York’s other ‘well-respected’ publication, The New York Post, seemed to have reported and posted the same story on its website… nearly one hour before the Daily News.