Don’t Open On Thanksgiving

To The Editor:

It is outrageous that so many stores have decided to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day – a day that is supposed to be spent with family and friends. All of those workers in those open stores will have their holiday ruined, because they are going to have to work. What has happened to family values and respect for holidays in this country? There is absolutely no logical reason for any store to open its doors on this national holiday. Is the almighty dollar more important than sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends? P.C. Richard and Sons is the only retail establishment that puts the values of Thanksgiving ahead of commercialism. Their stores are closed for the entire holiday, so that their employees can spend the holiday with their families and friends. They open up on the Friday after Thanksgiving. They are to be commended for their decision not to open on Thanksgiving Day each year. Macy’s should hang its head in shame for joining other retailers in opening on Thanksgiving.

John Amato,
Fresh Meadows