Disengaged Leader

To The Editor:

Do you believe that the attack on Benghazi resulting in four American deaths was prompted by a video? Do you still believe you can keep your doctor and your health plan? Will Lois Lerner at the IRS ever be held responsible for her actions? Do you believe the president was never informed of the NSA surveillance? Would you enter your private information on the government healthcare website with confidence?

President Barack Obama, our country’s Chief Executive Officer, seems disengaged from and uninformed about circumstances and effects of his policies, his directives, his so-called legacy. The illusion is that we are rudderless, drifting from one crisis to another with a commander in chief at the mercy of circumstances and obstacles beyond his control, instigated by Republicans, and who is doing his best to create a beneficent progressive utopia. I believe the purpose of these crises serve to justify the expansion governmental power and dominion over our lives and economy. By appearing to be a bystander, he absolves himself from blame and responsibility for the chaos that ensues all the while engaging in double speak and untruths.

Ed Konecnik,