Cuomo Cabinet Member Discusses Gov’s 2014 Plan

Staff Writer

After Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State Address in Albany last week, one of his cabinet members gave a similar address a little closer to home.

Empire State Development CEO Ken Adams appeared at the Forest Hills Jewish Center on Friday to discuss the Governor’s plans for 2014.

With many of the people in attendance eating lunch, Adams presented a condensed version of the address, focusing more on plans for New York City rather than goals in upstate NY.

First, he discussed the State’s finances. In the three years Cuomo has been governor, he has turned what was a $10 billion deficit into what will be $2 billion surplus by 2016-17. He said Cuomo accomplished that as a result of fiscal reforms.

“The last three years, spending was reduced to meet with the revenue, so you don’t have the deficit anymore,” Adams said.

Adams said Cuomo also wants to provide tax relief for people who rent their homes or apartments. Adams said the Governor is proposing a refundable personal income tax credit that accounts for the family’s size. He added that low-income renters spend more than 50 percent of their income on their rent and this would ease the burden for those owners.

Other highlights that Adams touched on during his speech included Cuomo’s plan to renovate all bridges in New York City as many of them are old and have needed retouching for several years and extending the Metro-North line so that residents in the City can have another direct route to Penn Station in the future.

Rebecca Trontz, who has lived in Forest Hills for nine years, said she thought Adams’ presentation of the Governor’s plan was very informative and he discussed many of the most important aspects, including Cuomo’s plan for school in New York.

“He really wants to do things for the school children, which is important because that’s our next generation,” she said. “It was very interesting, every subject he touched on.”

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