Crystal Windows Renewed As Supplier For TV Show

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If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

That seems to be the philosophy of the hit A&E TV show, “Flipping Boston.” The producers of the series have chosen the Flushing-based Crystal Window & Door Systems to continue as the exclusive window supplier for its upcoming third season, due to air in early 2014.

The A&E show “Flipping Boston” has opted to continue using Crystal Windows & Door Systems in Flushing as its exclusive window supplier.

The A&E show “Flipping Boston” has opted to continue using Crystal Windows & Door Systems in Flushing as its exclusive window supplier.

This is the second season that Crystal Windows has been an exclusive supplier for the program, as the company was used throughout 2013 as well. In the past, the company has been involved with individual projects on the first season of the show and its predecessor, “Flip This House.”

“They read about us online and they were interested in finding out if Crystal wanted to become a windows sponsor. Immediately, we said of course. A&E is a prestigious cable network, a very popular cable network,” Steven Yu, Crystal’s marketing manager, said. “We definitely feel that it’s a successful partnership.”

“Flipping Boston” is about properties in the Massachusetts capital in need of a significant amount of reconstruction. The show’s general contractors help to transform the houses from damaged goods to profit-making catches.

Crystal Windows has an important role to play in the renovation, as they must meet each project’s energy-efficiency, tight budget and construction deadlines. In the upcoming season, single-, two- and three-family wood frame and brick homes will be worked on.

The company’s flagship vinyl Series 200, vinyl Series 500 and aluminum Series 2600 product lines are all used on the new season’s houses. All of the windows are ordered with energy-performance low emissivity glass and argon gas. Low emissivity glass has a thin layer of metal oxide applied to its surface. In the summer, it filters unwanted heat from entering the home, but in the winter, the low-e coating allows heat rays from the sun to pass through.

“We are all thrilled that the ‘Flipping Boston’ producers were so pleased with Crystal products that they have ‘renewed’ us for another season,” Yu added. “Crystal’s quality energy performance windows, tremendous value, broad product line, customer service and attention to detail are the reasons we continue to be the choice over other national brands as the show’s exclusive window supplier.”

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