Couple Battles Uninvited Guests

One Springfield Gardens couple has been living with seven uninvited guests – and they are not the seven dwarfs.

raccoonPatricia and Lavanda Gilbert say that a family of raccoons has been tormenting them for more than five months.

And on Oct. 11, one ballsy 15 to 20 pound raccoon made quite an entrance into the Gilberts’ home – he fell through the roof of their bedroom at about 6 a.m., scattering pieces of sheetrock over the couple’s bed.

Even after the chubby raccoon unexpectedly dropped by, the Gilberts still have not been able to get rid of the intruders, who make their way back to their nest in the attic every day at around 5 a.m.

The landlord has still not fixed the ceiling, and ASPCA and the NYPD have offered little assistance to the family.