Council Overrides Veto On Koo Bill

Staff Writer

The new City Council continued to override some of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s last vetoes, this time passing a bill concerning hit-and-runs.

On Feb. 4, 2014, the City Council unanimously overturned Bloomberg’s veto of Intro. The 1055-A is an act where the NYPD will have to report information concerning vehicle collisions in scenarios where a driver leaves the scene.

The legislation, which took effect immediately upon enactment, requires the police department to submit to the City Council and to post online a quarterly report on the number of hit-and-runs where a critical injury occurred, where the driver of a vehicle left the scene without reporting, and on the number of cases closed, categorized by whether an arrest was made or not. The information would be broken up by police precinct and by cross street.

Additionally, the NYPD would also have to tell the City Council what steps it took to investigate these hit-and-run incidents.

“This piece of legislation will increase transparency and accountability, ensuring that the NYPD is using all the tools it has at its disposal to investigate hit-and-run accidents,” Koo said. “Although we cannot reverse the emotional and physical pain caused by hit-and-run accidents, we hope to send a clear message to every resident of New York City that the government is taking this issue seriously.”

Bloomberg vetoed the act last December, saying in a letter that it would further drain police resources away from their daily functions and that the Council is “crossing the line from oversight into administration.”

The legislation came about in May when Koo, Councilwoman Rosie Mendez (D-Manhattan) and former councilman Leroy Comrie met at the site of a hit-and-run in Flushing where Dante Dominguez was killed by a black SUV.

“This is an appeal to use every major opportunity, method and piece of technology to try and solve a crime that didn’t have to happen,” Comrie said at that conference.

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