Congress Out Of Line

To The Editor:

Eric Cantor wants Congress to work just 113 days in 2014. Out of 261 business days in a year. That comes out to about two days a week. Meanwhile, some people have to work two and three jobs just to pay bills. Congressmen don’t actually have to “work” to earn a living. Lobbyists take care of that. 113 days. Why not less? It doesn’t take Republicans 113 days to cut funding for veterans, over 900,000 veterans just lost funding for their food stamps. Job training for Vets – cut. Housing vouchers for Vets – cut. Mental health counseling for Vets – cut. Over 246,000 Vets out of work! 986,000 Vets live in poverty! 62,000 Vets are homeless! 20,000 Vets lost their homes in 2010! I guess the GOP figures it would be useless to give Vets food stamps. After all, they don’t have a home with a fridge to keep the food.

Robert La Rosa,