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  1. Matt W.

    Why are they calling the NEW QueensRail Abandoned ? If you look at the Federal Railways Map the Rockaway spur is still there and listed as “IN-ACTIVE”. This means that it can be “ACTIVATED AT ANY TIME” ! These ball fields were placed there ILLEGALLY and they are squatting on Railroad Property. Legal issues will be addressed and landowners squatting on Railroad property will have their property removed. Southern Queens Desperately needs this railway re-activated. There are TOO MANY UN-USED parks in Queens now. They are over-grown and UNSAFE !

  2. Danny Ruscillo

    Let me tell you all something about the “Queensway has a goal” i’ts a goal that should never be reached. The real goal that they and everyone else should be fighting for is the reactivation of the Old Rockaway Beach Rail Line “The Queensrail”. This is a GOAL that will benefit many people Borough wide. Listen to the Queens Public Transit Committee they know the facts they know what their talking about. The GOAL here is to get everyone ON BOARD and yes a good choice of words.

  3. john fazio

    i am a resident of hamilton beach for 80 years, we had a train station and could be in midtown in 18 minutes , today if i am lucky it will take me one hour,it can take up to almost two hours for some of the people in the rockaways ,all the building in the rockaways has caused excessive traffic in woodhaven and howard beach , extra bus traffic makes it worst . bring the train back and make life better for thousands of people john fazio

  4. Dean

    More lies, garbage, & bs coming from the QueensWay idiots! Are you insane? Do you know how congested Woodhaven/Crossbay is, especially in rush hour? Are you idiots out of your mind? QueensRail will benefit so much more people & relieve stress on the congested corridor. Plus, it can stimulate growth businesses like the ones on Metropolitan Av. It can allow easier access to Aqueduct Racetrack/Resorts World Casino, JFK, & the Rockaways, as well as its beaches. Speaking of which, it can help the Rockaways a lot, given that their commute times are way too long & service is very poor. QueensRail will help so much more people than the QueensWay to nowhere.

    Do not listen to this QueensWay garbage or people who want it left alone. They DO NOT know or understand the facts & benefits of QueensRail, the reactivation of the Rockaway Beach Line.

  5. Salvatore Lopizzo

    its a must for Rockaway. Its a must for Queens, Northern Queens needs access to Rockaway.
    The borough is growing and transportation is a great issue. Too many cars on the road with little parking. This is a solution.
    Queens deserves access to their beach.
    Thank you

  6. Steve

    The Queensway supporters need to get facts straight. The present A line runs directly behind homes on Hawtree Avenue in Ozone Park, as well as MS 137. It’s a block away from John Adams High School. Runs along the eastern edge of Howard Beach, close to homes and Coleman Square. This has been for decades. It has absolutely no negative effects on anything.

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