Comrie Ready To Run?

While State Sen. Malcolm Smith‘s attorney is asking for his court date to be pushed back until after voters go to the polls, it looks like a prominent Democrat may be stepping up to challenge him in a primary.

Sources tell QConf that after being courted by State Democratic leaders, Deputy Borough President Leroy Comrie may be ready to agree to run against Smith in the 14th Senate District.

Leroy ComrieComrie, who likely would not side with the Independent Democratic Conference – the way Smith did – is seen as a strong candidate who could easily unseat Smith.

After 12 years as a City Councilman, serving as chair of the City’s Land Use Committee and as Majority Leader, Comrie decided to run for Borough President. When Melinda Katz began to gain traction, Comrie was seen as the best option to be Katz’s second-in-command.

Less than two months into the Deputy Borough President’s job, it sounds like Comrie is getting ready to start making trips to Albany.

State Democrats have soured on the embattled Smith, who is facing fraud charges connected to an attempt to run for Mayor as a Republican last year.

Despite the threat of jail time, Smith has continued to act as if he had not been arrested, annoying many who have been following the situation.

Comrie is also considered to be an ethical choice for the position, as well, since he does not go out of his way to fundraise. Officials believe he is more interested in taking care of his constituents than going out to raise money.

If Comrie cannot be convinced to go up against Smith, attorney Clyde Vanel is waiting in the wings.