Comic Features Food, Fun and Fitness

Multi-talented Beechhurst artist Stan Goldberg recently lent his talents to the creation of “Discovery Kidz Learn About Wellness” an educational comic book to teach kids about healthy food and fitness.

Stan Goldberg

Stan Goldberg

Goldberg’s accomplished career includes decades of drawing countless popular comic books featuring world-famous teenagers Archie, Betty, Veronica and their friends, for Archie Comics; along with countless cartoons, comic strips, illustrations and other types of artwork.

The “Discovery Kidz” are six lively children: 11-year-old Brandi, 10-year-old girls Ana and Angela, 10-year old Tony, Brandi’s eight-year-old brother Kevin and nine-year-old Leon. As they prepare for a party and a race, have a scavenger hunt, shop for food and prepare it, the multi-ethnic group (and the reader) learns about choosing healthy food, exercising, and the importance of reading food labels.

“The Discovery Kidz book is the first one to feature these children”, Goldberg said. “I did other public service comic books using the Archie Comics characters for groups like Big Brothers & Big Sisters.”

Exercise advice, easy recipes and fun cartoon activities are included between the stories, which were written by John Wilcox, who worked with Stan Goldberg when the two wrote and illustrated an Archie comic book series entitled “Riverdale High,” later creating a special comic book with a plot about avoiding bullies.26A Discovery_Kidz_Cover_Final

“My goal was to keep the stories positive and keep them moving,” Wilcox said. “I know all about how ten-year-olds talk from talking with my nieces and nephews.”

Thanks to Goldberg’s artistic expertise, each child displays a unique way of walking and moving to match each one’s unique personality. For instance, Brandi is the organizer, Kevin is enthusiastic, and Leon is helpful in the kitchen, fantasizing about a future as a chef.

“Wellness” was funded by a grant. Thousands of copies have been distributed in other states and in upstate New York. For more information, go to

– Barbara Arnstein