Collapse Concerns

To The Editor:

The Woodhaven Business Improvement District is very concerned with the lack of action since the collapse of the building at 78-19 Jamaica Avenue on April 15, 2013. This collapsed building also damaged our Woodhaven Senior Citizens Center, which is located next door. The owner, 78-19 Jamaica Avenue LIC, had 42 open building violations at the time of the collapse, which still have not been corrected. During these past five months, no action has been taken by the owner to repair or reconstruct this building, other than to build a fence (which is constantly graffiti vandalized). This lack of repair has resulted in the Senior Citizen Center elderly members having to vacate the premises due to the dangerous conditions. This Senior Citizen Center is such a necessary service and an asset to our community and was opened for our seniors due to our elected officials funding and support. This is why it is so imperative that the owner of 78-19 be forced to repair their premises complying with all building certifications and codes. If they do not, then their building should be demolished. The Woodhaven Business Improvement District and the Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation would appreciate your intervention in this dangerous situation. It is very important that we make this our Woodhaven Senior Citizen Center structurally sound and fully repaired. In this way, our elderly once more will have their beautiful meeting place that we all worked so hard to give them.

Maria A. Thomson,
Executive Director
Mathew Xenakis,